Terms & Conditions of Use

This site will under all circumstances require you to conform to the Qld Liquor Licensing Act. At no time will any staff from the Criterion Hotel, Liquor Legends or the Allow Us Delivery Team, deliver any alcohol to any person who is not a registered user and who does not possess the correct identification.

At all time the Staff, Contractors and Drivers of Allow Us Delivery Services, the Criterion Hotel and Liquor Legends will hold a valid RSA Certificate and as such follow the rule of Law with regards to responsible service of alcohol to all patrons who have ordered Alcohol via the Allow Us website.

The Following conditions of use require your confirmed consent prior to becoming a registered member.

  • No Persons under the Age of 18 will be permitted to have Alcohol delivered to them as per the Qld Liquor Licence Act.
  • All persons ordering Alcohol must be registered members of the website, and have had their personal information validated by a staff member from either the Criterion Hotel (Warwick) Liquor Legends (Warwick) and Allow Us Delivery Drivers.
  • To become a member of the Delivery Service you must provide proof of I.D. via electronic upload or via in person verification at the Criterion Hotel (Warwick) or Liquor Legends (Warwick), to have your identification validated without an electronic upload you must present to either Licensed establishment with 100 points of ID and allow 7 days for the verification to be processed and uploaded to the system.
  • Delivery Address Details, your delivery details should match your Drivers License Details, unless clearly stated on your order details before checking out and paying for your order.
  • Deliveries that can not be made due to incorrect or poorly given address details will be returned to the vendor and refunds may be considered on a case by case instance.
  • Persons who place an order via the website must be at the delivery address to provide proof of I.D. to the delivery driver, failure to be able to collect the delivery in person with appropriate and valid I.D. your delivery order will be cancelled and returned to the Criterion Hotel (Warwick) and your payment WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, as penalty for falsely placing an order.
  • All Alcohol Orders must be paid for in full at the completion of the shopping cart check out process via the PayPal payment gateway or appropriate Credit Card through the PayPal Check out system. All payment, Card details and payment details will remain hidden from the Allow us Website and cloaked by the PayPal Payment system.
  • Please be advised that we can not guarantee that your order will be delivered chilled due to the potential supply issues with the Vendors, the Criterion Hotel (Warwick) and Liquor Legends (Warwick) may have stock on hand but this stock may not be refrigerated.
  • Occasionally due to circumstanses beyond the control of the Allow Us Delivery Services Team, your delivery may be delayed, these delays may include but are not limited too, severe storm conditions, road and traffic delays due to work or accidents, power outages, telecommunication issues, vehicle malfunctions.