Allow Us Delivery Service…

Allow Us has teamed up with the Criterion Hotel to offer the people of Warwick an Alcohol Home Delivery Service.

Obviously there are rules and regulation that come with the delivery of Alcohol so please make sure you comply with these terms and conditions.

Anyone wanting to Order from the service will need to be a Registered User.

  • User Registration is not automatic, you must complete the registration form, supply appropriate ID and then have the management of Allow Us or the Criterion Hotel Approve your membership.
  • Membership (Registration) is free.
  • Under the Queensland Liqour Act, we must comply with all aspects of the Act to ensure that we do not breech the act in any way including but not limited too.
    • The Supply of Alcohol to minors.
    • Members must have provided correct Identification to prove who they are.
    • The delivery of Alcohol is to be supplied and delivered to the Person who purchases the alcohol.
  • Under these conditions any breech of these conditions may result in Allow Us and or the Criterion Hotel to Cancel your order at any stage of the order process.
  • Cancellation of your order due to breech of the Liquor Act may result in your order not being delivered and refund of order refused.

If you are happy to comply with these requirement and the Terms and Conditions of the Site then please feel free to Register and begin your Order.

Many Thanks